Fashion Colour Combinations

Colour combinations that flatter your skin type:

You have a dark complexion and brown hair

Select the following colour combinations:
• Pink and Orange
• Red and Black
• Pale Purple and almond green
• Green and Beige
• Plum and Beige
• Red and Grey

You have a fair complexion and brown or dark blond hair

Select one of the following colour combinations:
• Beige and White
• Navy Blue and Beige
• Brown and Yellow
• Brown and Cream
• Grey and brown

You have a fair complexion and blond, light brown or reddish hair

Select one of the following colour combinations:
• Black and White
• Chocolate Brown and Red
• Khaki and chocolate brown
• Camel-Brown and Black
• Grey and Black
• Lavender and Brown

To avoid

It is not recommended to combine colours that are close together on the colour wheel. Only ‘fashion professionals’ should venture on red and pink versions. In addition, the colour wheel opposite colours can harmonize poorly, e.g. Violet and yellow.

To avoid are mainly the following combinations:
• Green and Blue
• Brown and Black
• Red and Pink
• Navy Blue and Black
• Plum and Violet
• Lavender and mauve

The exceptions

There are exceptions to every rule, and so here. Some designers dare occasionally break the rules of colour harmony for example Navy Blue and Black to combine. Christian Lacroix and Vivienne Westwood have thereby proved and shown that these two colours can make quite a successful ensemble the greatest courage. The secret of successful combinations? Accessories and motif prints! A black dress with blue flowers or dots, black tights for a blue dress. It depends primarily on the classical outfit to give an original touch.

Tricks for a sleek-line

- If you will feel comfortable in your skin, you first perceive you as a person in your vision, not your curves.
- Black and dark colours are particularly well suited to hide curves and reduce the body volume visually.
- Accessories and outfit should be in harmony with the body stature: Select impressive jewellery, volume hair styles, etc. to create the right proportions.
- Especially if your lower body area (thighs, hips …), you must be rounded to draw attention to your upper body, e.g. with shoulder pads or striking accessories.
- Select rather than wide right figure-hugging clothes.
- The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. They are found in super sexy tops with spaghetti straps and love vibrant colours? Then do not let that stop your fashion desires to give in!