Fashion jewellery with precious stones: symbolism of Turquoise, Garnet and Coral


The turquoise stone is a talisman for young women and young brides.

Its symbol: success. The turquoise is synonymous with power, control and presence of mind. However, it also stands for loyalty, friendship and lasting relationships. For the Tibetans, symbolizes the sky turquoise stone and water, giving its master so good luck and protection.

Its virtue cleaning. Turquoise protects against accidents, misfortune and dark powers by negative energy fields. He radiates peace and joy. When the turquoise stone faded, it means that its owner is in danger. Depressed or shy people should also give more joy and self-confidence of turquoise.

Its Legend: The turquoise stone has been given in North, Central and South America for hundreds of years already of great importance: even the Apache leader Geromino had a turquoise, which allegedly promoted his vision. Even the Aztecs in Mexico adorned their ceremonial masks with blue stones: turquoise stones were particularly large for wealth.

The Garnet:

The Garnet is most common in red (fire or blood red) represented. Actually, we mean by the term “grenade” is a whole group of different gemstones of similar chemical composition. These stones are mostly red though, but can also be in green or yellow tones, intense orange and earth tones occur.

Its symbol: stability and loyalty.

Its virtue energy. The garnet stone gives self-confidence and develop the intuition on. He also brings the erotic imagination, stimulates creativity and passion and is not least for love.

Its Legend: In the Middle Ages, garnet protected the Crusaders from injury. Garnet is combined with garnet eye drops to strengthen compresses to the eyesight and cure certain eye diseases.

The Coral:

The Coral is a very popular gemstone and comes from the mysterious depths of the various oceans of our planet. Because coral reefs are both in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, in the Malay Archipelago to Australia around or around the Canary Islands, … Corals belong, like beads, jewellery to organic materials and are the product of tiny creatures, the coral polyps that build this unique colonies and inhabit.

Icon: strength. The coral is the lucky charm stone of the Italians.

Virtue: The coral protects its owners, calms the emotions and creates harmony. It awakens the love with its warm colour and heated tempers. The coral stone faded when his vehicle suffering from anemia.

Legend: In ancient China, the corals were a symbol of wealth, privilege, and high social status.